Play Heroes of Might and Magic V on Linux

Heroes of Might and Magic is one of my favorite game in old times (I’m still young though). This game is a strategy game and it’s very addictive, I mean, REALLY ADDICTIVE.  Countless nights I spent in battlefield, thanks to this game.  We have to pick one of the race, build an army, and capture enemy castles. We can spend most of our time just to play this game. One of the best strategy game I have ever played indeed!  Heroes of Might and Magic V is latest installment of the game series.

The question is last time I play in DOS and Windows 98 environments, and Heroes V is also a Windows game. How to run this game on linux, especially Ubuntu? To do it I bet my luck on Wine.  Wine is not just good to play game but also to drink.  🙂

I use Wine 1.2.2 to install Heroes Might and Magic V on my Ubuntu 10.04. The installation run smoothly. I run the game. My screen resolution changed according to the game resolution. An introduction showed a story how the war starts. After the introduction, the game leads me to a main menu screen. The problem happened when I tried to click a menu. The screen shifted little bit to the right. The more I click to the screen the more the screen shifted to the right. In short I could not play the game.
After a little bit of research I would be able to run the game if I emulate a virtual window for all application run under Wine. It has to be set on Wine Configuration (winecfg).

Wine Configuration

Wine Configuration

After setting the virtual window I’m able to play the game perfectly, feels like I’m playing in Windows environtment… 🙂  See here, Bill. Your platform is not the only one anymore!!

Heroes of Might and Magic V on Wine

Heroes of Might and Magic V on Wine


Play Romance of The Three Kingdoms XI in Linux

A few weeks ago I got a copy of “Romance of The Three Kingdoms XI” PC game. I tried install it on my Linux Mint Felicia machine, of course with Wine installed first. The installation process was fine. Nothing is unusual. But, when I tried to play the game, the 3D graphic was badly rendered. I barely saw any object in the game. Everything messed up. Although, the gameplay was working fine, because I was still able to move the army in the game and built city’s facilities.

Then, I searched in Google. I found out that the newer Wine version is able to solve this problem (check this link). I followed the instruction in the website to install the newer Wine version directly from Wine repository and not from Ubuntu repository. I ran these in the Terminal:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list

I tried to run the game again, and this time the game display was better, actually it was perfect. 😀 The only problem is there is no sound in the game, but that’s secondary, I still can play without the sound. Upto today, I already played for more than 2 weeks, and I’ve never encountered any problem. And, you know what, it is a great game, I like this game so much… Thanks, Koei.


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