Facebook Problem in Firefox

In the past few days I had problem with facebook display in my Firefox. The top and the bottom bars were become transparent. The content of the facebook could be seen through those bars. Looks like it has problem with it’s Javascript. Both of my Linux and Windows system had this problem.

In the first day I thought the problem was because a problem in Facebook. After a few days I noticed that some of my friends didn’t have problem with Facebook, even though I didn’t know what browser that they used.

Yesterday I fixed the problem. Looks like it because the offline website data in my notebook cause the problem. Yesterday I cleared all the caches, cookies, and offline website data, and then my facebook’s look backs to normal.

Screenshot-Clear Private Data


Articles Collection of Feb’09

These are the collection of useful articles about Linux/Open source, that I collected in Feb 2009:

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Articles Collection of Apr’08

These are the collection of useful articles about Linux/Open source, that I collected in April 2008:

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Map Windows Drive in Ubuntu

Today when I was going to copy my data into my library drive (FAT32), I noticed that my Ubuntu didn’t map it. So, I was thinking about the “/etc/fstab”. I opened the file, and yes, all of my Windows drive was not mapped in the “fstab”. I tried to add it manually with my own knowledge, but after restart it didn’t work. The drive still was not mapped.

And then, I googled in Ubuntu website, and I found these:

After read these websites I install “ntfs-config” and then I chose the drives that I wanted to map. After that, I added:

/dev/sda7 /media/LIBRARY vfat defaults,user,exec,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=000 0 0

into the “/etc/fstab”.

I also noticed to apply the “fstab”, I don’t need to restart my computer, but just run:

sudo mount -a

in the terminal.

After I did those steps, at last my Ubuntu can read my Windows drive…

I’m really grateful for those who contribute their knowledge in the internet. I hope I can do the same… 🙂