My Linux Love Story in Early 2009

Last week I dismissed my Daryna… She has done a very good job for me. She has accompanied me for a year. I like her, but on the last of her days, she lost capability to produce sound. So, she muted. In addition, Daryna is based on Ubuntu 7.10, which is going to lost her support soon. There will be no more doctor who can examine and provide medicine for her…. 😦

And then… openSuse 11.1 came. She looked very pretty and elegant and about 2 years ago I played with her siblings, 10.0 and 10.1. So, I sadly replaced my poor Daryna with openSuse 11.1. The replacement was quite nice and quick. But, when I tried to update her belongings, she started nagging me, uhk. She asked me to give her a lot of attention.



From the message we could tell the problem is with her home. Either her housemaids worked very slow or too many people asked for update on that time. Anyway, it took about 6 hours, just to update my new openSuse 11.1 belongings. So waste of time. I was quite upset with her, because she could not ignore some of her belongings that could not be updated. But, I tried to brace myself with those annoying prompted from her. I guessed the problem was with the house.

After the updating was finished, I tried to give openSuse 11.1 a movie player, VLC, this time I got it directly from VLC store. The store started sending her things, a lot of things. I already worried the previous experience will come again. But, my worried was not happening. So, my theory was right, the problem was openSuse house.

One belonging that openSuse 11.1 must have is VMWare Player, because I need it to talk with my Windows neighbour. So, I got the VMWare Player package from VMWare store, and then I tried to put it on her. Then, another annoying problem with her come up. I couldn’t find the kernel source on her! Oh no…


The problem is it’s an urgent thing and I could not find any help in openSuse information center. Or, maybe I tried to find in the wrong section or what. But, anyway, I could not stand anymore. I needed VMWare Player so much, so urgent.

In the end I decided to ask openSuse 11.1 to leave, and called Felicia (Daryna’s younger sister) to join with me. I also asked Felicia to update her belongings from her home. She is not as pretty as openSuse 11.1 and her look is almost similar to her sister, Daryna. But, she has more up-to-date things than Daryna. The replacement was quick as usual, but the updating was much faster than openSuse 11.1. Felicia only took about 1 hour to update all her belongings. The most important thing is I could put VMWAre on Felicia with little effort. Huff! At last I can talk to my Windows again.

So, in the end of my love story I ended up with LinuxMint family again. Thanks to Clem and gangs that could provide such a good breed.