Unable to Retrieve Movie Information from IMDb in GCStar 1.6.2

When I was happily trying to insert a new movie into GCStar I was stunned, because the movie information was not retrieved. I remember about 2 months ago it was fine.

Then I checked in GCStar forum and found out that IMDb plug-in for GCStar is based on the movie finder page of IMDb, and unfortunately, now the finder page has changed. So, the plug-in was not working properly. Luckily the forum also shows the solution by changing a line (line 239) in the plug-in.

if ($self->{inside}->{h1} && $origtext !~ m/IMDb\s*Title\s*Search/i)

with this line:

if ($self->{inside}->{title} && $origtext !~ m/Find\s-\sIMDb/i)

And, it works. Thanks to soulchainer.





Unable to Retrieve Movie Info with GCStar

I have a list of movie information that I stored using GCStar. Every time I added a new movie, the application was able to retrieve the correct information, such as director, actors, year, and synopsis,  of the particular movie.   This application worked quite well for me… until recently. GCStar 1.4.3 has problem in retrieving the information.

Luckily GCStar has it’s own forum, and some other users also encountered the same problem. I found the solution in this forum thread. I needed to download GCGraphicComponents.pm and put it into /usr/share/gcstar/lib folder. The last thing I needed to do was to update the GCStar plugins by running this command:

sudo gcstar -u

Then… the problem solved ! I can retrieve any movie information again. Thanks, Tian. It’s a great piece of software.