My Brand New Helena

Last week I replace my Felicia (Linux Mint 6) with Helena (Linux Mint 8). The installation was similar with any previous Linux Mint, but the most obvious different was there was an introduction slide show when installing Helena.

With a little bit of modification my desktop looks like this.

Helena Desktop

My Desktop of Helena

You can find in the Internet for full screen shots of Helena.

After I used Helena for almost 1 week, I can confirm several best things from Helena compare to her sibling, Felicia.

  • Very fast boot time, this is very obvious, because Felicia needed almost 1 minute just to show login screen, and Helena only needs less than 30 seconds.
  • The time needed from login to ready desktop also very short.
  • Nice desktop theme. Even though I believe I can set the theme by myself, but as a default theme, it saves a lot of my time.
  • Firefox v.3.5 is much stable compare to the version 3.0.
  • Compiz is more smooth and stable.
  • This might be subjective, but I feel the program launching is faster and more stable.
  • One last thing the font seems nicer compare to Felicia’s.

But, I still have one big problem with Helena, the transfer rate from and to USB harddisk is very slow, or maybe, slower than Felicia. The transfer rate is only 1.5 – 4 MB/sec, which is very annoying.

Without transfer rate problem, I think Helena is a very perfect linux distro, especially for new comers.


My Applications in Linux

Up to today I’ve used linux for quite sometimes, about almost 3 years. Many of the applications have their place in my heart. In this blog I try to list out all the applications that I need. Btw, my favorite desktop environment is Gnome, so many of the applications are Gnome applications.

These are the applications that I can’t live without:

  • Guake Terminal; it’s a terminal that can be instantly called by press F12.
  • Gnome Do; it’s a fastest way to call an application by press Super+Space and then type the application name.
  • Text Editor (Gedit); it’s a … simple text editor. It’s extremely useful in many urgent situation, including programming.
  • Tomboy; it’s a small note application that is very useful for making a reminder list or to-do list.
  • Deluge; it’s a bittorrent client which is fast and reliable. The problem is when it active, the internet connection become slow down, especially when I was uploading files.
  • Firefox; it’s my primary web browser. The problems with this application are it’s quite slow and occasionally hang. The best thing about Firefox is that I can install useful addons. Those addons are:
    • AutoPager; if I read an article or forum that contains of many pages, this addon will load the next page when I reach the end of the page.
    • Greasemonkey; by using this addon I can customize of a website layout.
    • SpeedDial; this addon will load some links screenshot when I open a new tab.
    • XMarks; this addon will save collection of my bookmarks in XMarks website.
  • Opera; it’s a very fast web browser, but for some reasons I still prefer Firefox.
  • Thunderbird; it’s a email client, but also can be used as RSS reader.
  • Pidgin; it’s a multi-protocol internet messenger. The problem is sometimes it cannot connect to Yahoo Messenger server.
  • Skype; it’s a VOIP application that has internet messenger client. The current problem is the VOIP is not working properly.
  • Gcstar; it’s a collection application. I use this to put my movie list.
  • Lynx; it’s an editor that is very good to write research or report document.
  •; it’s an office suite that comparable to Microsoft Office suite. The biggest problem is it’s very slow.
  • Geany; it’s an IDE application for programming, but also can be used as a text editor. It’s very light and fast. It’s my primary IDE for programming.
  • Back In Time; it’s an application to back up my data. However, this application doesn’t do real copy to designated back up location, instead it creates hard-links to my files.
  • DOS Emulator (dosemu); it’s an emulator program that emulate DOS environment. So, old-time DOS applications and games can run nicely in my machine.
  • Gmountiso; it’s an application that can mount an ISO file to a designated folder. So, I just need to open the folder and run or read any files in that folder, also I don’t need to waste my blank CD or DVD. 🙂
  • VMWare Player; it’s an virtualization application that can be used to install almost any OS for working purpose or just testing linux distros.
  • Brasero; it’s a CD/DVD burner application, which is a quite simple application.
  • Miro; it’s an internet TV that using torrent technology. So, it can be used as a bittorent client.
  • SMPlayer; it’s a powerful movie player that based on MPlayer, with a better interface than MPlayer.
  • VLC; it’s a powerful movie player.
  • SongBird; it’s a music player that created by Mozilla.
  • Wine; it’s an API emulator for Windows application and it’s very useful.

These are the applications that I can live without:

  • Screenlets; it’s a widget application that can put many types of widgets on the desktop.
  • VirtualBox; it’s a virtualisation application that is very useful if I need to test a new linux distro or Windows.
  • Battle for Wesnoth; it’s a turn-based strategy game. It has a very good gameplay and story line, but somehow I cannot pass one of the map. 😦
  • TuxMath; it’s a game that drops math formulas from the top of the screen, and I must type the answer before the formulas hit the bottom of the screen.
  • TuxType; it’s a game that similar to TuxMath, but it drops words, and I must type the words exactly before they hit the bottom of the screen.
  • Gimp; it’s a drawing application that, I heard, comparable with Photoshop.
  • Filezilla; it’s a FTP program.
  • Google Earth; it’s a map of the world. Hey, I found my home … 😀
  • Vuze; it’s a bittorrent client and internet tv client. It’s very fast and reliable, but very bloated.
  • Wireshark; it’s a network application that is good to find problem in my network.
  • HomeBank; it’s a accounting application that can capture my income and expense.
  • Gambas; it’s a programming application that has similar syntax with Basic.
  • NetBeans; it’s an IDE application that mostly be used for Java programming, but can be used for other languages by adding some plug-ins.
  • MonoDevelop; it’s a programming application that follows Visual Studio .Net.
  • AcidRip; it’s a DVD rip application. It works well, but I’m still unable to get the DVD subtitles.
  • OGMRip; it’s another DVD rip application. It has the same problem with AcidRip.
  • dvd::rip; it’s another DVD rip application, with a lot of options. But, I also cannot get the DVD subtitles.
  • HandBrake; it’s another DVD rip application, but I’ve never really used it.
  • Elisa Media Center; it’s an application that has a purpose to provide multimedia to users.
  • Gnome Subtitles; it’s an application to create and edit movie/video subtitles.
  • Totem; it’s a simple movie player.
  • MPlayer; it’s a powerful movie player.
  • Rythmbox; it’s a nice music player.

Hmmm… I don’t notice that I have used so many applications in Linux. Good job and thank you for all open source developers.

Facebook Problem in Firefox

In the past few days I had problem with facebook display in my Firefox. The top and the bottom bars were become transparent. The content of the facebook could be seen through those bars. Looks like it has problem with it’s Javascript. Both of my Linux and Windows system had this problem.

In the first day I thought the problem was because a problem in Facebook. After a few days I noticed that some of my friends didn’t have problem with Facebook, even though I didn’t know what browser that they used.

Yesterday I fixed the problem. Looks like it because the offline website data in my notebook cause the problem. Yesterday I cleared all the caches, cookies, and offline website data, and then my facebook’s look backs to normal.

Screenshot-Clear Private Data

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