Unable to Retrieve Movie Information from IMDb in GCStar 1.6.2

When I was happily trying to insert a new movie into GCStar I was stunned, because the movie information was not retrieved. I remember about 2 months ago it was fine.

Then I checked in GCStar forum and found out that IMDb plug-in for GCStar is based on the movie finder page of IMDb, and unfortunately, now the finder page has changed. So, the plug-in was not working properly. Luckily the forum also shows the solution by changing a line (line 239) in the plug-in.

if ($self->{inside}->{h1} && $origtext !~ m/IMDb\s*Title\s*Search/i)

with this line:

if ($self->{inside}->{title} && $origtext !~ m/Find\s-\sIMDb/i)

And, it works. Thanks to soulchainer.