Playing World War II Game, TripleA, on Linux

Triple A

Triple A

I think most of us ever played a board game, such as chess, ludo, othello, or the famous one, monopoly. You, together with your friends played together on a one board game. Board games are fun, really fun, I think. From the game you will be able to know your friends character, and improve the bond between you.

Ok, that’s enough for philosophy thing. There is one board game that I and my friends like a lot, Axis and Allies. This board game is about world war II. It’s a strategy game, similar to Risk, if you ever heard about it. But, its much more complicated than Risk. The game starts with the world has been divided into 5 big warring countries (Russia, German, UK, Japan, and US), plus neutral countries. Those countries are divided into 2 sides, Axis and Allies. Every player will play one country, and the game will start in sequence. I admittedly, the game is extremely complicated, interesting, challenging, and also, addictive. We could play this game for hours. Sometimes it took half-a-day, if there is a dead-lock. Actually, that’s the down-side. We need to spare a half-day to play this game, and the problem is, not every one has the same schedule.

Axis And Allies

Axis And Allies

Recently I found a PC version of Axis and Allies. It’s called TripleA. The scenario in the game is not exactly the same with the original board game Axis and Allies. It has been modified to be more regions to conquer, more unit to command, and more rules. So, it’s more complex that the original. But, it’s still fun, though. 🙂 The game is developed using Java. So, it would work with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Another good thing about the game is the game can be played by one person only that controls one country, so the other countries will be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). And the best part is it’s free.

In order to start playing is very easy. Download the game from TripleA official website, and then extract it. The extracted folder is the game, which ready to play. Go to the folder, and then change the into an executable file, then run it:

chmod u+x

Or, if you are using Nautilus, right-click on, click on Permissions tab, and then tick Allow executing file as a program. Doube-click on the file, and then click on Run in Terminal. Properties Properties

The main menu of the game will be shown like below.

TripleA MainMenu

TripleA MainMenu

TripleA-Select a Game

TripleA-Select a Game

You can play local game (hot-seat), PBEM (by email), network game, and connect to lobby server. In order to connect to the lobby server, you have to register to, so called, TripleA War Club. Personally I only play local game option only. So, I can’t comment for other game options. Before the game start, you can select which game you want to play. There are 4 games:

  • Big World : 1942 (World War II)
  • Capture The Flag (Ludo-like)
  • Great War (World War I)
  • Minimap (Simple map game)

Ok then, enough talking. Be started and conquer the world. May the force be with you.

Note: There is another alternative to this game. It’s a web based game that only support PBEM (by email). Visit the website.

Hope you enjoy it.


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