Print with Xerox DocuPrint C1110B in Linux

Up to now driver for printers are one of the annoying problem in Linux. Even though already plenty of printers out there that have been supported in Linux, but many, or should I say, most of them are not fully supported, because most of them are developed by open source programmers by reverse engineering those drivers.

My printer is also not spared. My printer, Xerox DocuPrint C1110B, is a home color laser printer. This printer is fast and quite reliable. The color print-out is perfect. The problem that I encounter with this printer is the paper size setting. Sometimes even though we set to print a A4 size paper, the printer still trying to print Letter size paper, and asks us to put Letter size papers into its tray. This problem happened even though I use it in Windows with its original driver.

At first I have problem to find driver for this printer for my Ubuntu system. I use any available Xerox printer driver, but this printer still print rubbish characters. But, luckily I found a generic driver that working with this printer. The name of the driver is “Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer”. You can find this driver in System -> Administration -> Printing. If you can’t find this driver, you can go to OpenPrinting website to get the driver (PPD file, see the reference below).

Change Printer Driver - Step 1

Change Printer Driver - Step 1

Change Printer Driver - Step 2

Change Printer Driver - Step 2

I can print perfectly by using this printer driver. I don’t encounter any problem with this printer, including printing power point using OpenOffice with color. Honestly, almost no problem. I can’t print full-duplex (two-sided) with this driver. It always print one-side of the paper. Even though this problem is still consider as tolerable, I’m hoping that those printer manufacturers are producing drivers for Linux or open those drivers and let those amazing programmers to port them to Linux.

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