Creative D200 on Linux

For anyone, who is electronic junkie, having cables run in all directions in his room or house is a common sight.  In my own experience, I really fed up with those cables. They are very annoying, messy, and difficult to clean.  Worse of all, it makes me hate my own room. GEEZZ!!

Last week I bought a dream-come-true wireless speaker at a Creative sale.  Its model is Creative D200. Its dimension is about 40 cm wide x 10 cm high x 10 cm deep, with glossy black color. It looks awesomely elegant. The sound quality is also out of this earth. I didn’t know that wireless speaker has outstanding sound quality.  The day I bought this beauty might just be one of my best days indeed!!

Creative D200: Overall View

Creative D200: Buttons

Creative D200: Bass

This speaker is using Bluetooth technology as its wireless connection. The device connection to the speaker is also very easy. Before you can use the speaker, you need to pair your device with the speaker. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker for 3 seconds, then the light beside the Bluetooth button will turn blue and blinking. It means its in pairing mode. In Windows 7, you have to select “Add Device”, then select Creative D200. In Android phone, turn on the Bluetooth function, select “Scan Devices”, and then select the Creative D200. In Linux (Ubuntu 10.04), you select Bluetooth icon in toolbar, select “Set Up A New Device”.

Step 1: The welcome screen of Bluetooth new device setup will be shown. Click “Forward” from here.

Bluetooth New Device Setup

Step 2: The wizard will be scanning any bluetooth device available for pairing. Creative D200 will be shown in the list. Click “PIN options…”.

Bluetooth New Device Setup-D200

Step 3: Choose “0000” as the PIN. It is the option for most of the device. Click “Close”.

PIN Options-0000

Step 4: Your device will be connected successfully with the speaker. Click “Close”.

Bluetooth New Device Setup-D200 Connected

In order to connect to the speaker, you can press the Bluetooth button on the speaker once, the speaker will connect to any of ready device.Once its connected the light besides the Bluetooth button will turn blue, but not blinking.

In Linux (Ubuntu 10.04), if you have connected with the device but the sound still comes from your computer then you have to select Creative D200 in “Sound Preferences | Hardware”.

Sound Preferences-Hardware-D200

Still in Linux (Ubuntu 10.04), if the sound has come from the speaker but you are unable to increase or decrease its volume then you have to select Creative D200 in “Sound Preferences | Output”.

Sound Preferences-Output-D200

In other Linux distro, the adding of Bluetooth speaker might be different, especially non-Gnome desktop environment, but technically its the same.

So, good luck and may the force be with you.  Prevail in the end, you will.


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