Microphone Problem on Ubuntu 10.04

Recently I bought a PC headset with noise-cancellation mic. Smiling all the way to my work desk, I plugged the headset into my Sony Vaio notebook that running Ubuntu 10.04, but to my surprise the mic didn’t work (blasted!), even though it’s earphone is working fine. I tested the headset on my Windows 7 system, and it’s working fine.

After a little bit of experiment I solved the problem. The solution is quite easy.

Open “Sound Preferences” -> “Hardware” -> Change Profile to “Analog Stereo Input” -> Test -> Change Profile to “Analog Stereo Duplex” -> Test again.

Sound Recorder Profile

Sound Recorder Profile

Up to this step the device should be able to work.

I guess the cause of the problem is because of missing settings in one of the configuration files.  (Okay, I admit! Windows is not the only OS to have missing files out of nowhere).  By doing above steps, the system refreshed its settings. YAY!