Ubuntu Kernel Update Breaks NVidia Driver

A day after the successful installation of Ubuntu 10.04, I ran recommended update of the operating system. One of the update was for its kernel. Because of the Nvidia driver was installed into the system’s kernel, so I thought I had to prepare for the worst.

After the update finished and I restarted the system, my worry became reality, the NVidia driver was missing, so even though I still able to go into Gnome, the screen resolution backed to the standard resolution. When I used Linux Mint, this problem was never happened, maybe it was because last time I used NVidia driver that came with the distro through Envy application. But, for current driver I downloaded manually from the NVidia website.

According to a thread in ubuntuforums.org (I forgot the address) I just need to reinstall the NVidia driver. So, I did it, and it works.

Thanks, God. Luckily, it’s easy…


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