My Brand New Helena

Last week I replace my Felicia (Linux Mint 6) with Helena (Linux Mint 8). The installation was similar with any previous Linux Mint, but the most obvious different was there was an introduction slide show when installing Helena.

With a little bit of modification my desktop looks like this.

Helena Desktop

My Desktop of Helena

You can find in the Internet for full screen shots of Helena.

After I used Helena for almost 1 week, I can confirm several best things from Helena compare to her sibling, Felicia.

  • Very fast boot time, this is very obvious, because Felicia needed almost 1 minute just to show login screen, and Helena only needs less than 30 seconds.
  • The time needed from login to ready desktop also very short.
  • Nice desktop theme. Even though I believe I can set the theme by myself, but as a default theme, it saves a lot of my time.
  • Firefox v.3.5 is much stable compare to the version 3.0.
  • Compiz is more smooth and stable.
  • This might be subjective, but I feel the program launching is faster and more stable.
  • One last thing the font seems nicer compare to Felicia’s.

But, I still have one big problem with Helena, the transfer rate from and to USB harddisk is very slow, or maybe, slower than Felicia. The transfer rate is only 1.5 – 4 MB/sec, which is very annoying.

Without transfer rate problem, I think Helena is a very perfect linux distro, especially for new comers.


3 thoughts on “My Brand New Helena

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    • Hi Ayyaz,
      I’m sorry, somehow your comment is treated as spam in my email.
      The desktop look is the standard desktop for Linux Mint 8, I just changed the wallpaper, added some screenlets, and added cairo dock. 🙂

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