My Applications in Linux

Up to today I’ve used linux for quite sometimes, about almost 3 years. Many of the applications have their place in my heart. In this blog I try to list out all the applications that I need. Btw, my favorite desktop environment is Gnome, so many of the applications are Gnome applications.

These are the applications that I can’t live without:

  • Guake Terminal; it’s a terminal that can be instantly called by press F12.
  • Gnome Do; it’s a fastest way to call an application by press Super+Space and then type the application name.
  • Text Editor (Gedit); it’s a … simple text editor. It’s extremely useful in many urgent situation, including programming.
  • Tomboy; it’s a small note application that is very useful for making a reminder list or to-do list.
  • Deluge; it’s a bittorrent client which is fast and reliable. The problem is when it active, the internet connection become slow down, especially when I was uploading files.
  • Firefox; it’s my primary web browser. The problems with this application are it’s quite slow and occasionally hang. The best thing about Firefox is that I can install useful addons. Those addons are:
    • AutoPager; if I read an article or forum that contains of many pages, this addon will load the next page when I reach the end of the page.
    • Greasemonkey; by using this addon I can customize of a website layout.
    • SpeedDial; this addon will load some links screenshot when I open a new tab.
    • XMarks; this addon will save collection of my bookmarks in XMarks website.
  • Opera; it’s a very fast web browser, but for some reasons I still prefer Firefox.
  • Thunderbird; it’s a email client, but also can be used as RSS reader.
  • Pidgin; it’s a multi-protocol internet messenger. The problem is sometimes it cannot connect to Yahoo Messenger server.
  • Skype; it’s a VOIP application that has internet messenger client. The current problem is the VOIP is not working properly.
  • Gcstar; it’s a collection application. I use this to put my movie list.
  • Lynx; it’s an editor that is very good to write research or report document.
  •; it’s an office suite that comparable to Microsoft Office suite. The biggest problem is it’s very slow.
  • Geany; it’s an IDE application for programming, but also can be used as a text editor. It’s very light and fast. It’s my primary IDE for programming.
  • Back In Time; it’s an application to back up my data. However, this application doesn’t do real copy to designated back up location, instead it creates hard-links to my files.
  • DOS Emulator (dosemu); it’s an emulator program that emulate DOS environment. So, old-time DOS applications and games can run nicely in my machine.
  • Gmountiso; it’s an application that can mount an ISO file to a designated folder. So, I just need to open the folder and run or read any files in that folder, also I don’t need to waste my blank CD or DVD. 🙂
  • VMWare Player; it’s an virtualization application that can be used to install almost any OS for working purpose or just testing linux distros.
  • Brasero; it’s a CD/DVD burner application, which is a quite simple application.
  • Miro; it’s an internet TV that using torrent technology. So, it can be used as a bittorent client.
  • SMPlayer; it’s a powerful movie player that based on MPlayer, with a better interface than MPlayer.
  • VLC; it’s a powerful movie player.
  • SongBird; it’s a music player that created by Mozilla.
  • Wine; it’s an API emulator for Windows application and it’s very useful.

These are the applications that I can live without:

  • Screenlets; it’s a widget application that can put many types of widgets on the desktop.
  • VirtualBox; it’s a virtualisation application that is very useful if I need to test a new linux distro or Windows.
  • Battle for Wesnoth; it’s a turn-based strategy game. It has a very good gameplay and story line, but somehow I cannot pass one of the map. 😦
  • TuxMath; it’s a game that drops math formulas from the top of the screen, and I must type the answer before the formulas hit the bottom of the screen.
  • TuxType; it’s a game that similar to TuxMath, but it drops words, and I must type the words exactly before they hit the bottom of the screen.
  • Gimp; it’s a drawing application that, I heard, comparable with Photoshop.
  • Filezilla; it’s a FTP program.
  • Google Earth; it’s a map of the world. Hey, I found my home … 😀
  • Vuze; it’s a bittorrent client and internet tv client. It’s very fast and reliable, but very bloated.
  • Wireshark; it’s a network application that is good to find problem in my network.
  • HomeBank; it’s a accounting application that can capture my income and expense.
  • Gambas; it’s a programming application that has similar syntax with Basic.
  • NetBeans; it’s an IDE application that mostly be used for Java programming, but can be used for other languages by adding some plug-ins.
  • MonoDevelop; it’s a programming application that follows Visual Studio .Net.
  • AcidRip; it’s a DVD rip application. It works well, but I’m still unable to get the DVD subtitles.
  • OGMRip; it’s another DVD rip application. It has the same problem with AcidRip.
  • dvd::rip; it’s another DVD rip application, with a lot of options. But, I also cannot get the DVD subtitles.
  • HandBrake; it’s another DVD rip application, but I’ve never really used it.
  • Elisa Media Center; it’s an application that has a purpose to provide multimedia to users.
  • Gnome Subtitles; it’s an application to create and edit movie/video subtitles.
  • Totem; it’s a simple movie player.
  • MPlayer; it’s a powerful movie player.
  • Rythmbox; it’s a nice music player.

Hmmm… I don’t notice that I have used so many applications in Linux. Good job and thank you for all open source developers.


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