Experience with LinuxMint 4

About last year I replaced my PCLinuxOS 2007 in my notebook with LinuxMint 4.0 (Daryna). So, I have used LinuxMint 4 more or less for 12 months. There are good and bad things with this LinuxMint.

The bad things first:

  1. Like all the other Ubuntu derivatives and the Ubuntu itself, the software inside the “Package Manager” or “Synaptic” is not updated to the newest version. It stuck at the version when the LinuxMint was released. I understand that I can install newest version of any software by installing it from binary that can I get from the software website. But, I just feel its not safe, and afraid it will break my system.
  2. Compiz Fusion is not so stable. Whether I used Normal or Extra Visual Effects, it was randomly hang my system. I really like Compiz Fusion, but the instability kept me a distance with it.
  3. Everytime I use Live CD to test a new linux OS, I lost my current OS sound. It’s weird, because when I used Live CD, the sound is fine. At the time I wrote this article, my system sound is still not working, and I have no idea how to fix this. Actually, this is the second time I experience this. At the first time, the system sound was fixed by itself after a few days…

The good things are:

  1. The ultimate reason I used LinuxMint was I could make my wireless working. My wireless hardware is Broadcom BCM4328. This hardware was known to be hard to make it working under linux. I ever failed to make it working in my previous OS, PCLinuxOS, that’s why I moved to LinuxMint. (See this article: Adventure with Linux).
  2. I also can watch and listen to music with any format. I also can watch new trailer movies from http://www.quicktime.com. That’s very good.
  3. LinuxMint has a good menu system, so it’s not so difficult to find any application as long as we know what is the purpose of the application.
  4. LinuxMint as Ubuntu derivatives has a lot of ready to install softwares. What I need to do is open the “Package Manager” and find the software that I want !
  5. One other good things as Ubuntu derivatives, when I have a problem with the LinuxMint, I can go to Ubuntu forum straight away. It has so many active users there who are willing to help us.

LinuxMint is the linux distro that I like the most for now. I also like PCLinuxOS, but the wireless problem make me thing twice to use it in my notebook. Thanks to LinuxMint and Clem team.


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